Have your say about the Natural Environment in Horsham District

05 March 2020 | Posted in Planning , Jess Price
Have your say about the Natural Environment in Horsham District
Heron © Richard Sharman

By Jess Price

Conservation Officer

The Sussex Wildlife Trust Conservation Policy Team are currently working our way through the documents that have been published as part of the Horsham Local Plan review. We have received lots of enquiries from people concerned about how the natural environment is being considered in the Horsham Local Plan and how they can respond to the public consultation.    

Sussex Wildlife Trust is a nature conservation charity, so our response will be focused on biodiversity issues.  We will read the plan in its entirety, so that we can assess and comment on Horsham District Council’s approach to biodiversity within their Local Plan. This means we will comment on everything from the suitability of the evidence base, to the aims and objectives, as well as the allocations and policies.   

We want to ensure that our comments are constructively used by Horsham District Council, so that they are clear about the need to embed biodiversity throughout the Local Plan now and in the future.  When formulating our response we will use clear policy and legislation to back up our comments by referencing paragraphs from the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF). Particularly Chapter 15 on ‘conserving and enhancing the natural environment’.   

We will be publishing our submission on our website once complete.  

In the mean time you can head to our website to see some of the questions we have received from members of the public about the Horsham Local Plan and our responses.   

The Horsham Local Plan consultation is running until 5pm on Monday 30 March.


  • Linda Giblin:

    06 Mar 2020 17:48:00

    Warnham Nature reserve should be able to extend into the golf course. It should not be built on the wildlife in that area does not just confine itself to the Reserve but uses the area beyond. Our wildlife is in great danger due to habitat loss due to greed and over building. This should not be allowed

  • Valerie Wise:

    06 Mar 2020 18:43:00

    I am dismayed at the habitat loss taking place in and around Horsham. The amount of land stripped to date and much more planned is so sad. What hope does this area have for clean air, tree cover, wild flowers and our wonderful wildlife?

  • Jane Cutting:

    07 Mar 2020 16:43:00

    Warnham is my favourite place, some where you can go, where no dogs are aloud. I think they should extend Warnham when they close the golf course, NOT build more houses. Building houses will spoil warnham.

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