Free-thinking Youth

20 September 2019 | Posted in Climate
Free-thinking Youth

Guest Blog

By Taran from Brighton, age 15

I’m striking on Friday as a protest against the government's reluctance to do enough to help the natural world. They don't seem to recognise the damage we are doing and the danger we are in.  

If we carry on living like this, I see a world where many species are extinct, wars start over food and water, natural disasters are more common and people are suffocating over bad air quality.

I don't want to live in a world like this. This is why we have a responsibility to make the people in power listen and protect our future.  

I’m lucky as my school supports students protesting for a better future. It encourages us to form our own opinions. It has listened to the students and is supporting those who protest as well as encouraging us to write our own pledges and providing opportunities for beach cleans and other environmental activities.

I hope that many other schools around the country will take on this philosophy as it encourages students to protest against what is wrong and creates a generation of free thinkers that will do the right thing for the right reasons.



  • Henri Brocklebank:

    21 Sep 2019 13:07:00

    Thank you Taran. Beautifully expressed and I’m so pleased your school is listening.

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