Forest school for home educated children

03 October 2016 | Posted in Wildlife Events , Forest Schools
Forest school for home educated children
Building a fire / Miles Davies

By Tamara Jewell

Forest School Leader

I am really looking forward to opening a new Forest School group for home educated children on Monday afternoons. Since the Spring, I have been exploring Chesworth in Horsham with Nature Tots and we have had an amazing time discovering the wildlife treasures that can be found down on this Farm. We have hunted for snakes and slow worms, jumped around the meadow with the grasshoppers, gazed at the gauzy wings of dragonflies and watched baby wrens fledge from their nest for the very first time.

Autumn brings a whole new set of fun activities and in addition to Nature Tots we have planned two Forest School taster sessions in October for home educated children at Chesworth, in advance of a further Winter block of dates

There is nothing more satisfying than welcoming the change of season whilst warming yourself with hot chocolate by a campfire you have built yourself. But fire lighting will not be the only new skill to learn! We have lots of exciting plans for these new sessions which will provide opportunities for children to use tools such as saws and drills and learn new crafts. We will play games, build confidence and make new friends whilst exploring the wildlife highlights that Chesworth has to offer. I am still hoping to catch a glimpse of the resident barn owl, but the llamas are much easier to spot!

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