Five butterflies to spot in July

19 July 2019
Five butterflies to spot in July
Marbled White © Bob Eade

Here a five butterflies to spot in July. We'd love to see your butterfly photos, please share them on our Facebook page.

White Admiral

The White Admiral is black above and gingery-brown below, with white patches on the wings. They are found in woodlands, clearings and rides. The white admiral has a distinctive flight pattern of short periods of wing beats followed by long glides.

White admiral BobEade


The Gatekeeper is brown above, with large orange patches in the middle of the wings. It can be found in grassland, hedgerows and woodland edges and can be seen feeding on bramble and ragwort. It avoids areas of short, open grassland.


Marbled White

The Marbled White is a distinctive medium-sized white butterfly, with black-chequered markings. They can be found on the chalk grassland of the South Downs, but are also seen woodland rides and clearings, and road verges. The adults can often be found feeding on purple flowers such as field scabious, common knapweed and wild marjoram.

Marbled white

Small Skipper

The Small Skipper is russet-brown above, with a dark border and pale fringe to the wing edges. They can be found on rough grassland, woodland edges, along roadside verges and anywhere else with plenty of grasses. Small skippers appear rather moth-like and are often seen feeding on knapweeds and thistles and hovering close to the ground.

Small skipper BobEade

Painted Lady

The Painted Lady is a fairly large orange, black and white butterfly. They are migrants to the UK during the summer flying in from Africa and southern Europe. Sometimes, they can be seen migrating here in enormous numbers. A frequent visitor to gardens, it will feed on buddleia and other flowers. 

PaintedLady BobEade

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