Filsham Reedbed benefits from Biffa Award

, 17 November 2017
Filsham Reedbed benefits from Biffa Award
Sam Roberts

By Alice Parfitt

Reserves Manager

Thanks to a grant of just over £27,000 from Biffa Award, essential management work has been taking place at Filsham Reedbed nature reserve, on the edge of Hastings, over the last eighteen months.

Reedbeds are not common in Sussex, and Filsham is one of the largest, supporting a range of specialist wildlife such as reed warblers and Cetti’s warblers, moths such as reed dagger and plants such as blunt-flowered rush. Work has included contractors, staff and volunteers cutting back invading willow scrub that if left unchecked would spread over the wetland. Areas of reed have also been winter cut. This rotational reed cutting maintains young pliable reed suitable for nest building by species such as reed warbler. The funding has also been good news for plants such as water violet and the insectivorous bladderwort that thrive in open areas of good quality water. Diggers have been on site to clear out some of the vegetation from the ditches providing them with increased light. Dragonflies such as the hairy dragonfly and other invertebrates will also benefit from the open water.

Sussex Wildlife Trust’s volunteers have also have been busy carrying out repairs to the boardwalk so everyone can enjoy the site.

We are also grateful to the Sussex Ornithological Society which provided a financial contribution that was vital to unlocking the funding grant.

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