Feeling The Pressure

18 July 2018 | Posted in Barry Yates , Rye Harbour , Wetland
Feeling The Pressure
A wetland ?

The current extended period of drought and high temperatures has resulted from persistent high air pressure. The air pressure also influences the level of the sea, with highs pushing down on the level and lows allowing it to rise, with extreme lows resulting in storm surges of 50cm or more! Saltmarsh habitats are influenced by the height of the tide and here at Rye Harbour the recent high air pressure has meant that little water entered the new saltmarsh areas until last weekend's Spring tides. It's not a bad thing for saltmarsh to dry out but our saline wetland landscape looks so much better when it is wet! 

Drought 02607 

Drought 02613

Upper photo - 13th July 2018. Lower photo - 17th July 2018