Extraordinary and Challenging Times: a message from our President

Extraordinary and Challenging Times: a message from our President
Adonis Blue © Tom Lee

Dear Supporters,

These are extraordinary and challenging times and with so much uncertainty and anxiety continuing to affect all our lives, I would like to send you and your loved ones my best wishes on behalf of Sussex Wildlife Trust. We are extremely grateful to our members and supporters for standing by us at this time, and have been heartened by your goodwill messages.

During this global emergency, we have seen not only how resilient the human spirit is, how generous and resourceful communities are, but also how important the natural world is to all of us. Although we have been in lockdown, we have still treasured the opportunity to see the signs of spring emerging in nature and, to reflect this, the Trust has found new ways to ensure everyone can keep connected to wildlife.

The Trust has created daily wildlife blogs, diaries, a back garden bird race, inspirational activities for teachers, parents and children as well as videos and wildlife news. We even decided to put our Members magazine online so everyone can enjoy it.

We don’t know what the future will bring and how soon we will all be able to return to a new normal, but I am sure you will agree that this time has given us the opportunity to reflect. It seems to me that the most important thing we can do is invest in a healthy future which very much includes the health of our environment and protecting our natural world.

As with so many organisations, the crisis is already having an impact on the Trust’s finances. Many funders are, understandably, redirecting their grants towards the health emergency, other valued supporters are facing financial difficulties. In addition to this, our membership recruiters have had to stop working during their busiest time of the year which means that our membership numbers are likely to fall for the first time in many years.

All this, at a time, when the world has woken up to both the threat facing the natural world and an increased understanding of the important role it plays in all our lives. In the coming months the Trust will need available funds that can be readily applied to where there is greatest need. To support this the Trust has just launched an appeal to try to secure this vital funding. Could you make a donation today? Your support would help the Trust continue its work championing wildlife and wild places in Sussex and deepening people’s understanding of the natural world. We appreciate that these are difficult times for us all but any donation you can give would be very gratefully received.

With my thanks and best wishes,

Dr. Tony Whitbread

President, Sussex Wildlife Trust


  • Pat Winter:

    06 Jun 2020 09:04:00

    Great website but very difficult to find Species of the Day. And Then to move from one SotD to another. And I’ve not been able to key in for a common species to see its SotD entry, even though it turns out to have been there. Is SotD SWT’s best kept secret?

    Hi Pat, if you just click on the author's name 'James Duncan' at the very top of the article you will then be able to see all of James' Species of the Day series in order.
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