EU Withdrawal Act

26 June 2018 | Posted in Conservation , Henri Brocklebank
EU Withdrawal Act
The South Downs © Roger Wilmshurst

By Henri Brocklebank

Director of Conservation Policy

After over ten months of debate, drama and repeated votes the EU Withdrawal Bill has been finally passed by the House of Commons and Lords and will now be sent to the Queen to sign to become law.

The Bill is far from perfect but we can be happy with the progress that The Wildlife Trusts have made in highlighting the risk that Brexit poses to the environment and the need to address this since MPs started debating the legislation back in September.  Back then the Government did not accept the idea of a ‘governance gap’ but now we have a consultation underway committing to a new green watchdog and we also succeeded in ensuring the environmental principles are now listed in law and will be implemented in forthcoming legislation. The  Greener UK blog is worth reading for further analysis of where we stand in this process.

I wanted to say thank you to everyone who has been in touch with their MPs to ensure our voice was heard.  Looking ahead we will now need to review the raft of secondary legislation that is required to transfer across EU laws and we are also expecting the Agriculture Bill to be published in late July, followed by the Fisheries Bill and the draft Environmental Principles and Governance Bill this autumn - so there is plenty more to do.

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