Emergence creative nature writing - entries from Redman King House residents

, 19 April 2022
Emergence creative nature writing - entries from Redman King House residents
Wood anemones © Richard Cobden

As part of our Emergence creative nature writing contest, we were posted a delightful group of entries from a supported housing scheme in Eastbourne, Redman King House. Thanks to everyone who entered - not all made the anthology, but we thought it would be lovely to highlight them here: 

Dee Rivers 
I’d been sitting in my favourite spot in the woods listening to the spectacular dawn chorus. It was hard to believe what had happened as I looked around me. The surrounding ground had turned from green to blue and white as if by magic. When I’d arrived earlier the heads of the bluebells and wood anemones were drooping in the cool of the night and had gone unnoticed. All I could now see was a carpet of blue with the white stars of the wood anemones peeping in between. The flowers appeared to be dancing through the shadows and sunbeams.

A wonderful morning. I felt alive with the miracle of it all. The birds had quietened now and I could make out the beginnings of the day as vehicles on the nearby road gathered momentum. People journeying to work and school. Ah well, back to life for another day. 

© Sam Roberts

Keith Marsden
I live in a third-floor apartment. The view from my window includes a lovely old Victorian school (built in 1840) which has been converted into a private house. Between my flat and the school house is a large Dutch Elm tree. I can see the house through the bare branches of the tree. As Spring and Summer approach, I know that leaves will have their “emergence”. Lovely as they emerge and grow – but my view of that house (and other things) will gradually disappear behind a blanket of green and my flat will become darker in the day time. I look forward to leaf-fall in the Autumn, when the house and the light will again emerge. 

© Neil Fletcher

    Vicki Adams

    Spring is a wonderful season with the awaking of new life after so long being asleep. Daffodils – Primroses – Crocuses – are first to appear. All with their abundance of colours. Then Tulips and Lily of the Valley making everywhere bright and cheery, after dull dark and cold months. Watching the new leaves uncurl on branches of the trees and hedges is a delight. To stand and look at all the creatures getting excited with such glory of all the wild life starting to wake up – taking in all the new surroundings of such splendour of worms, larvae, hazel nuts, caterpillars, beetles, insects.

    Spring brings the migrating birds back to our shores. What an amazing sight to see all breeds of birds flying overhead, waiting to take their place in the lakes or marshes.

    Spring is alive with Song-thrush, Nightingales, Blackbirds, Robins singing choruses to each other. We know Spring is here.

    Margaret Clare
    Such joy. They’re here. The Snowdrops and the Daffodils. Emerging from Winter into Spring. The struggle to get through, to turn our faces to the sun. To live and breathe again in this wonderful season, to see colours of love and life, to feel such freedom of the soul. As the journey from the earth means to be able to see the sun and feel it on our faces!

      Yes! We are one, nature and I. To gaze on the Snowdrops and Daffodils also other life springing into being. Joyous sights to behold as they settle into the breeze, being strong and brave. 

      © Neil Fletcher

      Lorna Mason

      The morning star,

        Still bright in the sky,

        Now hides in the mist

        And from afar –

        Yet, right by my side,

        A question hangs in the air,

        Delicate as a spider’s web

        Spangled with dew as

        The sun’s prisms

        Shake of night’s dreams –

        And the chorus sings

        From tiny throats –

        Far and wide

        Joy! Joy! To all!

        Anna Richards
        I love the feel of the sun’s warmth, warming the earth, animals, birds and humans. One can experience new life emerging from earth’s dark depths. Energy stirring. In the garden the plants are awakening, daffodils beginning to open, birds on trees stirring. Birds beginning to tune up for their first orchestral performance. Squirrels stirring, rooks squabbling and pilfering other rooks nesting materials. In the fields sheep and cows anxiously anticipating the ordeal of new birth. Showers are refreshing plants, grass and filling ditches. Movement is everywhere. People passing each other are opening up and greeting even strangers, wanting to communicate and pass on their joy. Life is returning and we can bravely face the New Year with hope and expectation like no other time of year. All is renewed and freshly gifted to us all. 

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