Don't Miss Out

23 May 2016 | Posted in Wildlife
Don't Miss Out
Sea kale flowers

Many wildlife events are brief and to enjoy them at their best you have to be at the right place on the right day and at the right time of day. Go to early or too late and the experience will not live up to your high expectations. Go to the wrong place at the right time will also be frustrating!

These days, there is so much good information available on websites and social media that your chances of experiencing wildlife at its best are high. Find a Facebook group of a local wildlife website and plan your visit.

So, perhaps you want to see the finest display of Sea Kale in Sussex... then get down here to Rye Harbour Nature Reserve as soon as you can, because in a couple of weeks the flowering will be over for another year. This website and the nature reserve's Facebook page will guide you to the best wildlife experiences here, or if you have a specific "wish to see" then contact us.

Of course, if you are unable to visit we will try to give you photos, videos, sounds or even photospheres....