Dogs kill sheep on nature reserve

, 12 January 2017
Dogs kill sheep on nature reserve
One of the sheep killed in dog attack

Five sheep were killed in dog attacks overnight at our Malling Down nature reserve near Lewes. This is the latest in a series of attacks at this site which have left ten sheep dead this week .

We are appealing for anyone who may have information on these dog attacks to call the police on 101 and help prevent further attacks.

In light of this horrific attack, the Sussex Wildlife Trust has abandoned its conservation grazing on sensitive areas of Malling Down and moved the sheep. Conservation grazing on downland sites is essential for rare species, such as butterflies and orchids, to thrive.

Dogs should always be on the lead at sites where sheep are grazing. Dog walkers are asked to please take notice of signs at the entrances to our nature reserves.

Report from BBC Southeast News (updated: 14/1/17)

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  • Colette:

    We have experienced this problem when we kept sheep at Saddlescombe Farm and have had numerous disagreements with dog walkers whose dog/dogs were not on a lead. It does need drastic changes and if it means dogs being shot then maybe dog owners will take more heed. Or make them face the damage there dogs have caused, a trip to the knacker man maybe?

    16 Jan 2017 18:12:13

  • C Reynolds:

    Such a shame that dogs , which are so capable of being trained , can cause so much damage.

    26 Jan 2017 12:59:25