Corona Wildlife Diary: Day Nine

26 March 2020 | Posted in Michael Blencowe
Corona Wildlife Diary: Day Nine

As the world shuts down around us the uplifting role that wildlife plays in our lives becomes more vital than ever. So, for my own sanity as much as anything, I’m going to keep a daily diary of what I find around my garden. Photograph the wildlife you can see from your window or in your garden and post your pictures on the ‘Sussex Wildlife Trust Nature Table’ page.

Day Nine

Hey folks. I’m not going to write a long report today but instead I thought I’d check in and say ‘hello’. I hope you are all OK quarantined in your bunkers. 

Thanks again for all the nice comments I've received about this daily diary. I hope it’s helping in some small way.

However, I’ve also had some people who have messaged me because they are very concerned. Not about my health or sanity but about whether I will be able to keep this up every day for the coming weeks.

So, to reassure them, I’ve made a short film this afternoon to highlight some of my pandemic plans: a guide to some of the equipment I'll be using to get closer to the wildlife in my back garden.


  • Paul Nason:

    26 Mar 2020 17:08:00

    Brilliant, didn’t think there was anything that could top watching clips of people getting hit in the nads on YouTube. But may be this is it! Great work and great stamina, keep it up!

  • Peter Williams:

    26 Mar 2020 22:49:00

    Hello Michael. Keep up your diary as this will help us to retain some sanity in difficult times. However, I’m trying hard to image a bald Michael trying to open a Fray Bentos tin in a wilderness garden! Stay safe.


    27 Mar 2020 09:20:00

    That was great, informative and very funny, looking forward to the next installment. Sitting on my decking at the moment enjoying the sounds of nature, mostly seagulls though to be honest.

  • Helen Carpenter:

    27 Mar 2020 13:46:00

    This is brilliant! Thanks so much. I don’t have a garden so this is bringing one to me. Wonderful.

  • Eloise:

    27 Mar 2020 17:04:00

    Great update on supplies….looking forward to the next instalment.

  • Ruth:

    28 Mar 2020 18:20:00

    Did you enjoy the mealworms? Yummy? Or did they just get stuck in your teeth?

  • Ginny-Vic:

    14 Jun 2020 21:38:00

    Oh wow!!!! You’re a published author! That is amazing! So many fun equipment bits.

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