Citizen science for the kelp restoration project

, 09 November 2021
Citizen science for the kelp restoration project
Kelp © Dan Smale

By Sarah Ward

Living Seas Officer

Since we first started working on the Sussex Kelp Restoration Project back in 2019, when we launched the #HelpOurKelp campaign, one thing became very clear very quickly: there was an enormous passion for the Sussex kelp amongst the general public.

With the Sussex IFCA’s nearshore trawling byelaw in force, a steering group in place, and research streams branching off in all directions, the interest in the project remained strong and we knew we needed to harness some people power!

Over the summer, we have been developing a bespoke recording scheme for Sussex kelp, which allows anyone and everyone to contribute to the restoration efforts. Whether you’re an occasional beach walker or an avid scuba diver, you can record what you’ve seen and play your part in the Sussex Kelp Restoration Project.

Our bespoke recording system is built using EpiCollect and allows users to tell us where they have (or indeed, have not!) seen kelp.

The system is designed to be accessible to all, even if you are not totally confident in your kelp identification skills. The flexible form allows us to give as much or little information as you’re able, including photos, environmental factors, and your confidence in what you saw.

In order to use the system, you must first register for an account, which can be done here. Once our Living Seas team have added you to the system, you will be notified via email with a step-by-step guide on how to enter your data.

Happy recording!

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