Circular fashion, not fast fashion

29 November 2019 | Posted in Support Sussex Wildlife Trust
Circular fashion, not fast fashion

The figures for fast fashion are stark. Every year 100 billion new items of clothing are produced and every second a truck full of clothing is burned or buried in landfill. Current projections indicate that the linear clothing industry, which takes resources and creates waste at a furious pace, will more than triple by 2050.

Even reducing what we buy won't fix fast fashion, but if you can take material currently thrown away and make it into new products, then things can change.

This is exactly what Teemill has done for the Circular T-shirts for Sussex Wildlife Trust Clothing Store. Teemill takes the waste material at the end and make new products from it at the start. Every product made is designed to be sent back to Teemill when it is worn out. As all of the clothes and packaging are made from natural materials, not plastic, the pure material makes re-manufacturing possible. This means the Circular products are softer, and are not harmful to the environment.

Let's turn Black Friday...Green

This week, we're reversing Black Friday. For every order placed at our Sussex Wildlife Trust Clothing Store from now until Thursday 5 December, we'll plant a tree.


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