Check your local ivy for ivy bees.

, 30 September 2015
Check your local ivy for ivy bees.
Ivy bee at Cuilfail / Rob Read

"I seem to have ivy bees establishing colonies in the grass out front of my house. Lots of burrows, and bees flying low around them ."

Neil emailed in the above sighting from South Malling.

This bees are harmless and are active at this time of year as they feed on ivy which can be found blooming around Lewes. Neil reminded me how excited I was to see mt first ivy bee a few years ago. The ivy bee was first discovered in Britain (in Dorset) in 2001 and since then has spread across England. It's certainly established in Lewes and I've received other reports this week. There's a particularly busy colony on the bank at Ferrers Road.

On Saturday I checked the ivy blooms above Cuilfail Cliff and found a few ivy bees buzzing around. It's worth checking any ivy at the moment to see this attractive bee. More details can be found here:

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  • Mrs JeanHeywood:

    There’s a busy colony of these bees in the garden here at Greyfriars Court.


    09 Oct 2015 19:09:13

  • Sandy:

    This is the third year we have them in Mantel Close Lewes , but they have spread across 6 gardens this year.

    18 Sep 2019 15:29:00