Cattle on Seaford Head

01 February 2021 | Posted in Sarah Quantrill
Cattle on Seaford Head
© Sarah Quantrill

By Sarah Quantrill

Site Ranger - Seaford Head

We now have 13 cows on Seaford Head Nature Reserve. They are on the Cuckmere side of the reserve from Hope Gap to the Coastguard Cottages and will be there for a couple of months. There is an electric fence running parallel to the cliff. 

These cattle are part of Sussex Wildlife Trust's conservation grazing program. They are helping to control vegetation to conserve the chalk grassland, All gates should be closed, they have access to water and are checked daily. 

UPDATE: The cattle are in a different part of the nature reserve than the area where the recent 'crack' along the coastal path appeared. So this will pose no risk to the cows.

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