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  • Fill your head with wildlife

    Fill your head with wildlife

    Michael Blencowe introduces our wildlife course programme for 2018, some old favourites return and there are lots of new courses too

  • Hordes of Hawfinch

    Hordes of Hawfinch

    As winter arrives, a special visitor has been spotted in Sussex - the elusive hawfinch

  • Nicholas Culpeper: Better Living Through Botany

    Nicholas Culpeper: Better Living Through Botany

    Just over 400 years ago, in 1616, a legend was born; a rebel who partnered up with Mother Nature to revolutionise British medicine. The herbal hero, the botanical bad boy, the father of alternative medicine, ladies and gentleman I give you...Nicholas Culpeper.Nicholas did not have a great start in life.
  • The Secret Wildlife Festival 5

    The Secret Wildlife Festival 5

    Over the weekend The Sussex Wildlife Trust ran their fifth wildlife festival at The Secret Campsite near Barcombe.

  • Mad Dogs and Englishmen

    When I plan my wildlife walks each September I always hope that on the day there will be some sunshine and a nice bit of warmth. It seems sometimes you have to be careful what you wish for! A walk on Iping Common is inspiring and beautiful on hot days
  • Wildlife Walk at Seaford Head

    As I drove across to Seaford Head for last week's wildlife walk the heaven's opened and the windscreen-wipers were on double-speed. When I arrived at Sefaord I stayed in the car and watched a linnet taking a bath in a puddle and, like him, prepared myself for a proper soaking.