Call for Judicial Review for Arundel bypass

24 May 2018 | Posted in Transport , Henri Brocklebank
Call for Judicial Review for Arundel bypass
A27 Better Not Bigger © SCATE

By Henri Brocklebank

Director of Conservation Policy

Sussex Wildlife Trust is delighted at the South Downs National Park Authority’s decision to apply for a Judicial Review in response to Highways England’s recent announcement of their preferred route of Option 5a for the Arundel Bypass. The preferred route destroys irreplaceable habitat and cuts through the South Downs National Park.

The South Downs National Park Authority, by calling for a Judicial Review, will be challenging Highways England that they did not take the purposes of the National Park into account when considering their road options.

Sussex Wildlife Trust attended a rally held prior to a meeting of the SDNPA board, with chants of ‘A27 - Better not bigger’ as the members arrived for their meeting. Seven members of the public had the opportunity to speak before the meeting (including Sussex Wildlife Trust's Chief Executive Dr Tony Whitbread) and together presented a wide range of reasons why this road scheme was unacceptable. The members then closed out the public for a private discussion on their options.

Over an hour later we were delighted when Margaret Paren, Chair of the Authority came and shared the news of the decision.

There is broad support for the National Park, many of the individuals and organisations present at the Rally had fought long and hard for the creation of a National Park and will continue to support the special qualities of the Park alongside the Authority into the future.


  • RegRead:

    31 May 2018 11:02:31

    Although having some empathy with your views, you do not give any argument in favour of an alternative route. There has to be an upgrade to the A27 at Arundel. It will happen at some point especially with the thousands more housing that will be built in the next decade. As with many other road improvement schemes, nature will ensure that recovery takes place. There is more damage caused by house building than to road improvements.

  • Graeme Mills:

    31 May 2018 11:41:41

    I agree – ‘better not bigger ‘

  • Vanessa Jones:

    31 May 2018 12:13:39

    Thank you for being there to speak up for our precious local habitat. Once it’s gone, it’s gone for ever. Please include me in any further news of demos etc. Good luck!

  • Phillip Eoolis:

    31 May 2018 12:14:50

    The problem is we have an increasing population and 1000’s of houses being built along the coastal plain. How are these people in the future going to travel efficiently without good roads as public transport cannot cope and never will? To suggest that we must walk or cycle over distances exceeding 10 miles is ridiculous. Arundel needs a bypass and yes we will lose trees and biodiversity but with planning it can be built before not after new roads. There is plenty of scope to develop the floodplain down to Littlehampton. The whole A27 needs improving from Lancing to the far side of Chichester for the economy of our region and a bypass behind Worthing please. having used the A27 all my working life and still do to get across to Hampshire I am frustrated by having to use rat runs all the time through our villages and better roads will suck out commuting traffic from villages. we should also be looking at providing employment nearer to people homes to save travelling. I personally believe the trust should not get involved with these issues and just deal with its reserves.

    I am more than happy to discuss further as a member of the trust.

  • Rosemary Marshall:

    31 May 2018 12:20:55

    It beggars belief that the recently created South Downs National Park is hostage not only to the idiotic A27 road scheme at Arundel, but also to greedy companies trying to promote fracking!!!! What on earth is the point of a National Park if this sort of thing is even allowed on their agenda. One hopes that the Govt’s Review will stamp out this sort of thing – but don’t hold your breath.

  • John Barry:

    31 May 2018 12:21:16

    I am fully in favour of proper scrutiny of road schemes such as this , but I hope all concerned will keep a sense of perspective about what constitutes really significant harm to the SDNP. Many of us are drivers as well as nature lovers, and we know that more traffic capacity is desperately needed along much of this main coastal route.

  • Kirk Dickenson:

    31 May 2018 13:05:19

    Cutting through the southern edge of Binstead & through all that woodland is insane! Our beautiful South Downs have been impacted far too much over the years: we do not need more roads, we need better management of the existing ones!

  • Jonathan Shaw:

    31 May 2018 13:05:52

    Not what you want to hear but the a27 needs bypasses at Arundel Worthing & Chichester . I am a local resident so please let them get on with building it. Traffic there is a nightmare
    Also as a subscriber to the trust I do not like seeing it getting too political eg recent comments it has made against Brexit.
    There are plenty of charities ne ding my money so please take care to keep a proper balance
    Thank you

  • ruth tansey:

    31 May 2018 13:06:36

    Please continue with such good work.We are blessed to have The Downs as part of our countryside.

  • Mark Poulton:

    31 May 2018 13:19:33

    What is your preferred option?

  • Sam jenner:

    31 May 2018 14:03:32

    Any new bypass should go under the National Park to preserve it present foot print not thru it. If we can build a channel tunnel the authorities can do this. Tunnels under ares of natural beauty exist else where in Europe.

  • Priscilla Page:

    31 May 2018 14:29:22

    A dual carriageway exists between the White Swan Restaurant and the junction with Yapton Lane. How can it is financially justifiable to duplicate this, destroying peaceful countryside for more black tarmac and less CO2 absorbing grass and trees?

  • Peter Brown:

    31 May 2018 15:40:08

    I am pleased that the SDNP is taking a strong stand and that SWT is involved so closely. In Walberton we are worried that there may be an over reaction and that HE may go for a route even further south through the priceless peace and tranquillity of rural Binsted, in order to miss more of the NP.

    It would be madness for the designation of the landscape of part of the NP adjoining the A27 to directly cause the devastation of a great swathe of rural landscape of the highest quality, which happens not to be qithin the Park boundary.

  • Anne Simmonds:

    31 May 2018 15:48:35

    I too am delighted by the action taken by the National Park authorities and the residents in respect of the Arundel bypass. Not all woodlands are the same. Binstead Woods are the most ancient on the Sussex plain and therefore support a range of fauna and flora which should be protected. I am emailing Nick Herbert who originally supported option 3 and is now in favour of option 5. He says in his weekly column in the Bognor Observer that he is “appalled” at the action taken by the National Parks Authority calling them an unelected quango . Well, I am appalled at his reaction!

  • Brian Hindle:

    31 May 2018 16:29:59

    What is the point of designating a National Park and then destroying part of it with a road? Too much of our beautiful countryside is being destroyed by badly planned highways and buildings.

  • Colin Taylor:

    01 Jun 2018 04:52:33

    The cause of the problem is too many people! When is someone in government going to discourage large families?
    The problem needs to be dealt with wordwide.

  • Elaine Bellamy:

    01 Jun 2018 06:35:41

    Arundel has a bypass for goodness sake. The road from Worthing through to Chichester is slow but if it means building another bypass through a national park then I’m against any new road. We just have to accept that it’s slow. Even if we had a new road it wouldn’t be much faster anyway because there is so much traffic. National Parks should be sacrosanct that’s why they are designated like that in the first place so they’re not built on.

  • D Brand:

    01 Jun 2018 08:27:31

    Yesterday, 31st May, I spent half an hour in a traffic steam try to get past Arundel. If this is typical the sooner the bypass gets built the better.

  • Emily Dempster:

    01 Jun 2018 09:09:18

    I think this is fantastic, if there is anymore rallies I would love to get involved. To say that these people shouldn’t get involved in this and just allow highways England just get on with it is ludicrous. For the people not thinking the loss of biodiversity and wildlife is important then perhaps think of the world you would like to leave for your children and grandchildren. Maybe instead of people driving everywhere they could walk, use public transport or cycle more. Looking after the environment for all is more important than saving you ten minutes.

  • olivia post:

    01 Jun 2018 10:14:55

    The government need to address the housing and transport issues with a greener policy that funds alternative travel, not simply building bigger roads that achieve nothing. Where is the investment in new technology? All the focus is just on driverless cars. It is unsustainable to drive more cars and build more roads. Our national parks need protection…what is the point of having a national park if it can simply be built on? Re extra houses..yes agreed but why isn’t government tackling second homes and the huge amount of empty houses that litter our towns? Thankyou for protecting wildlife it is precious and needs a bigger voice

  • Mark Roberts:

    01 Jun 2018 10:32:45

    This bypass is urgently needed around Arundel along with continuing the A27 towards Worthing and Hastings. There never is going to be a ideal solution to suit all but this option is best as long as the viaduct is built you are always going to loose some woodland. Stop dithering and GET ON WITH IT.

  • Peter Luckin:

    01 Jun 2018 13:05:18

    What are SWT’s preferred options for bypassing Arundel and Worthing? They will come eventually, so get in first.

  • 01 Jun 2018 18:32:11

    @Jonathan Shaw: As a charity, the Sussex Wildlife Trust is politically neutral and we will never advise Sussex voters to support any political party or political campaign. However we consider it is a vital part of our duty to make available any evidence which we believe to be important in any decision making.

  • R Shrubb:

    04 Jun 2018 10:49:10

    South Downs National Park authorities’ response to Highways England proposal is a waste of money. I fully support the proposed route which will have limited impact on wildlife but will have many economic and environmental benefits for the area and users of the road. We cannot stop all developments.

  • Rebecca slater:

    04 Jun 2018 11:05:33

    Building more roads is not the answer. Building bypasses to build more bypasses to bypass more bypasses and on and on … So let’s stop building more roads and think of a more sustainable way of living to make a brave stand and commitment to change the way we live for future generations , the Planet and Nature.

  • 11 Jun 2018 17:43:06

    I am glad that the Sussex Wildlife Trust and the South Downs National Park Authority are challenging Highways England over the proposed route. Once Ancient woodland has been destroyed there is no going back; it is lost forever. And mitigation is a serious issue. There needs to be more joined up strategic thinking on house planning, the environment and transport links. Isolated nature reserves are not going to survive on there own in small pockets. The Wildlife Trusts are right to think strategically on these matters and challenge organisations such as Highways England.

  • Larry Adlard:

    29 Oct 2018 15:21:00

    If you thing about this logically there is no point in building a bypass. The existing road will still remain. It just puts more of the countryside under tarmac. The minimal disruption would be caused by widening the existing road and improving the interchange at Arundel so that through traffic can pass without interruption. A flyover and slip roads should be sufficient. I travel to Binstead from both Gosport and Littlehampton and by comparision with traffic congestion elsewhere it isn’t so bad.

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