Call for an immediate end to peat sales

, 16 March 2022
Call for an immediate end to peat sales
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By Jess Price

Conservation Officer

Help save a precious natural habitat by sharing your views with the UK and Welsh Governments – deadline on Friday 18 March 2022.

Peatlands are wetlands, home to rare and unusual plants, birds and insects. They also store billions of tonnes of carbon and are vital in tackling climate change. Peat is formed from waterlogged soils made of dead and decaying plants and builds up incredibly slowly - at just 1mm per year!

Alongside drainage for agriculture use, precious peatlands have been destroyed to make compost. Some of the last remaining peatlands in the UK and overseas are being damaged right now. Peat is not a necessary component of compost - there are alternatives like bark chippings, wood fibre and composting. Ten years ago, the UK and Welsh Governments set a voluntary target to encourage shops to stop selling peat compost by 2020. This voluntary approach has failed.

The UK and Welsh Governments are running a public consultation on its plans to ban the sale of peat-based products and you can have your say to influence the Government's current plans.

Use this simple form to respond directly to the consultation. It's not too late to protect our peatlands - your voice can help change their fate!

The consultation closes on Friday 18 March 2022.

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  • Jason Bradberry:

    Be bold. Lead. Do what needs to be done to save our children.

    The sale of peat should not even be a question at this stage of the climate crisis. Ban the sale of peat products now, and save one of our most critical tools in fighting climate change. In contrast to some of the other carbon reducing approaches like tree planting, carbon removal or regenerative farming, peat left in the ground is already out there doing its thing, taking in huge amounts of CO2e from the atmosphere. To take it out of the ground and release all the carbon stored in the peat just to sell it is insanity, when we have so much work to do to remove what we’re releasing elsewhere. Especially when other alternatives like bark chippings, wood fibre and composting are readily available.

    I call on you to please do the right thing here. Voluntary targets to stop selling peat compost by 2020 failed. It’s time for an outright ban.

    16 Mar 2022 14:57:00

  • Robert Dean:

    Long overdue. Immediate ban needed now. No time to wait

    16 Mar 2022 18:47:00