Boxing Clever

, 23 February 2016
Boxing Clever
blue tit / flickr user: Pootles Place

by Sue Curnock

Many of us like to feed the birds in our gardens, but do we think about giving them somewhere to nest close by and raise a family?

Pairs of garden birds start searching for suitable nest sites from mid-February so this is a great time to put up a bird box in your garden.There are plenty of ready- made boxes to buy or you could make your own by following the easy instructions on our website.

Do spend some time thinking about where to place your avian ‘Des Res’.It needs to be somewhere sheltered from the prevailing wind, rain and also strong sunlight.There are different styles of nest box designed to suit the needs of different birds so if you have a favourite visitor to your garden you can find a box to attract that particular species.

Small hole nest boxes for great tit, blue tit or nuthatch are best sited one to three metres above the ground on tree trunks or the side of a shed or wall with a clear access space around the entrance hole.Robins prefer an open fronted nest space placed lower to the ground on a wall or fence but well hidden behind foliage.

Like us, birds like a little personal space, so to avoid aggressive behaviourbe careful not to put nest boxes too close to each other or near to feeding stations.With luck, your efforts will be rewarded as you watch busy parents working non-stop during daylight hours to feed their hungry broods and the possibility of seeing the young fledge.

If you have any questions about how to attract birds to your garden just call WildCall our wildlife information hotline 01273 494777 or visit our wildlife advice pages

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  • Catherine George:

    I have recently put up 3 bird boxes in my garden, and noticed yesterday some great tits eyeing them up and a blue tit actually went in one that has a camera set up. A friend told me to put a bit of moss or something inside to start them off. What do you recommend? I thought leave well alone, but am not sure.

    25 Feb 2016 12:49:57