Birdsong Talk report

, 26 January 2023
Birdsong Talk report
Nightingale © James Duncan

By David Beer

Eastbourne Local Members Group

Our first event of the year was very well supported and we were treated to an entertaining and informative talk on birdsong from Adrian Thomas. 

Using excellent recordings and superb photographs Adrian explained how birds make noises, the types of sound they make and how to describe these sounds. We left the hall at the end of the evening with a good grasp of how to read sonograms and a great appreciation of the huge range of birdsong and calls. We were treated to recordings of our favourite songsters such as the Nightingale, Turtled Dove and Blackbird. Many birds are excellent mimics and we are all familiar with the range of sounds Starlings can make but we were amazed to learn that the rare Marsh Warbler can imitate over 80 different bird species.

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