Behind the Lens with Piers Fearick

, 01 August 2022
Behind the Lens with Piers Fearick
Gurnard © Piers Fearick

Tell us a bit about yourself 

I've lived in West Sussex all my life. Growing up we spent a lot of time on the beach and exploring the Sussex countryside, both on foot and our bicycles. This has continued as an adult. I've also spent time travelling the world. 

Photography is my passion. I've had a camera from a young age. As soon as I could afford a DSLR, I got one and photographed everything around me, constantly learning new techniques and tricks. I enjoy the challenge of different subject matters.

Water Rail © Piers Fearick
Water Rail © Piers Fearick

Which photographers inspire you?

Many, some are local and keep showing me how wonderful a place we live in. Some are the highest profile photographers in the world (such as Paul Nickel) who still produce photos that stop me in my tracks and show how far I have to go in my craft. 

Then there is my dad, who wasn't a technical photographer but was never far from his Rollei 35. He taught me how to use a camera and how to time travel.

When and why did you develop an interest in wildlife photography?

I'm constantly curious about the wildlife around us and what draws wildlife to different environments. When I was in New Zealand, the beauty and diversity of different the birds and being able to capture some good photos of Yellow Eye Penguins really sparked something.

Yellow Eyed Penguin © Piers Fearick
Yellow Eyed Penguin © Piers Fearick

Do you have a particular subject matter you favour?

At present I am enjoying marine photography because it's challenging. It's incredible what we have here on the Sussex coastline. 

Spider Crab © Piers Fearick
Spider Crab © Piers Fearick

How did that come about? 

About the same time I picked up a DSLR, I was kitesurfing a lot and it was only natural to take pictures of my mates. I bought myself a water housing for my camera and started off with the so-called (bag) then progressed to a solid waterproof housing. Although I have taken a few pictures of fish underwater in Egypt while on holiday, I never thought it would be accessible enough for me here in England. But with help from my friend Katie Sweeney and her encouragement we have done a few trips and explored a few places off the West Sussex coast. With luck and persistence I've managed to collect a few photos of marine life.

Compass Jellyfish © Piers Fearick
Compass Jellyfish © Piers Fearick

What equipment do you use, in brief?

Nikon D810 and Nikon lenses.

What’s your favourite shot?

I have a few, when it comes to wildlife while in the Amberley Brooks I came across some Goldcrest (my favourite bird). It was unexpected and special as it was the first time I had taken a new telephoto lens out in order to capture wildlife. It was joy to have four close to me, carrying on with their daily ventures.

Goldfinch © Piers Fearick
Goldfinch © Piers Fearick

Have you ever had any surprises when you’ve been out with a camera?

All the time,. that's the beauty of being out in the wilds, you never quite know what's going to happen. At the moment diving with my camera is truly surprising as being in deep water or dark water scares me so when something moves like a Stingray, my heart stops.

Any tips?

Take photos of everything if you're not taking photos you're not learning.

Find out more about Piers' work here or follow him on Instagram @piersfearickphotography

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  • Mike G:

    Brilliant article and very inspiring!

    02 Aug 2022 10:56:00

  • Darren Rockett:

    I think you are wonderful, Piers

    05 Aug 2022 18:43:00