Bee Course it's fun!

04 July 2017 | Posted in Rye Harbour , Wildlife
Bee Course it's fun!
Little Colletes, Steven Falk

Twenty people came from far and wide over the weekend to attend a Bee Identification course at Rye Harbour run by well-known naturalist and entomologist and author of the 'Field Guide to the Bees of Britain and Ireland' Steven Falk, with the most well-traveled attendee making the trip all the way from from Northumberland! After a brief introduction to the ecology, taxonomy and identification of British bees the courses was split more or less evenly between microscope work, learning how to use a microscope and keys and

Bee-hunting at Castle Water. Image: Steven Falk

getting use to some of the important identification features, and visits to various parts of the reserve, where we got to see the bees in their natural environment. Over the two days around 50 species were recorded, with interesting finds including little colletes (along with it's nest parasite red-thighed epeolus), brown-banded carder bee and large garden bumblebee, and our thanks go to Steven for a very enjoyable and informative two days.

Red-thighed Epeolus. Image: Steven Falk


  • Maggie Bloor:

    05 Jul 2017 10:43:44

    I have a bee with another attached to it in the garden, the larger one appears to be trying to fly off but the second one is not allowing that to happen. Just wondering what’s happening.

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