Another Ruin

02 January 2021 | Posted in Barry Yates , Rye Harbour
Another Ruin
Gasson's ruin with Yellow Horned-poppies

On the shore at Rye Harbour, at the seaward end of the old Shrimpers path from Rye, sits a concrete ruin we call Gasson's Ruin, named after a local family. 

It was probably a fisherman's hut that was extended as holiday accommodation, and this is how it looked more than a hundred years ago!


Just after Christmas we noticed that the sea had uncovered another rectangular concrete ruin along the shoreline, just 40m from Gasson's Ruin. It measures 5.85m long and 2.75 m wide. 

Gassons 1020511

At first we thought it might be a pillbox, but there was no sign of one there on the 1950 RAF aerial photos and anyway the walls were not thick enough. Looking at it again today the walls are of similar materialand thickness to Gasson's ruin and they are on roughly the same level, so it was probably built around the same time - a time when the shingle extended another 50+ metres further out.

Gasson's Ruin wall

Gassons 1020513

The "new" ruin wall

Gassons 1020508

The "new" ruin

Gassons 162

Image showing shore, new ruin (right), Gasson's Ruin and haul road

Gassons 158

If anyone knows more about these buildings please let us know.

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