And away we go...

07 June 2018 | Posted in Huw Morgan , Wild about Brighton
And away we go...
Youth Rangers

By Huw Morgan

Brighton Learning and Engagement Officer

After several years volunteering with the Sussex Wildlife Trust Youth Rangers and other groups to gain vital experience, Craig Isfield has got his first paid conservation job working as volunteer coordinator for the Trust for Conservation Volunteers in Adur. Craig has been a great part of the team and will be sorely missed. All of us at Youth Rangers wish him every success as he starts his career in conservation. Here’s what Craig said about his time at Youth Rangers.

“Youth Rangers allowed me to grow my confidence in conservation skills such my identification knowledge, basic tool management and being able to learn woodland management skills. The group instantly made me feel at ease, its welcoming environment allowed for me to never feel judged in asking the most basic of questions, this therefore built up my passion for conservation, Huw was always on hand to encourage me, challenge me and always explained clearly what we were doing and why. I always looked forward to going to these sessions, during a time where I was unsure on what my career path I wished to embark on was, these sessions allowed me to grow a passion and learn in my own time rather than within a classroom, it was hands-on, showing me what this careers day to day activities would actually be like.

From this experience it not only built up what I could put on my CV, but it actually allowed me to feel comfortable to put these practices into action, I felt comfortable to put my options forward and could see how these processes will be physically possible within certain areas. I could put context to the practical side of what I learnt and due to this experience I could feel confident in Job interviews etc. eventually gaining a job within conservation. None of this would have been possible without this group.”

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