A breath of fresh air

, 29 November 2018
A breath of fresh air
wild service tree leaf © Richard Cobden

By Fran Southgate

Living Landscapes Advisor 

I have the enviable position of knowing that every day when I arrive at work, the beautiful surroundings and the wildlife I see as I cross the little bridge from the car park, will make me smile. Most days, I hurry across the bridge to my dark little tudor office, and then I don’t venture out into the beautiful nature reserve that surrounds me again until the end of the day when I finish work. It’s not uncommon for me to be stopped in my tracks by how stunning the light looks as it filters through the trees and plants down onto the water, and yet often the hustle and bustle, busyness and workload take over and I forget the privilege that I have of working in this place. Many people in the UK may not see somewhere like this in their lifetime, let alone every day.  

So one day I stopped myself before I hurried in to work, I diverted my feet onto the footpath, and made myself take in the fresh air, the sights and the sounds as I meandered around our office grounds at Woods Mill Nature Reserve. It’s looking gorgeous, with the bright autumnal colours, the sunlight filtering through dew draped cobwebs, mist dancing on the surface of the lake. There are days when life takes over and you just forget to stop and take it all in. An impending home move has made me realise that things change, and there may come a time when I won’t be here any longer. So today I will make an effort to remember how lucky I am, and to make the most of this natural treasure trove that I work in.

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