2020 in photos by Andrew Holloway

, 22 January 2021
2020 in photos by Andrew Holloway
Wall Brown

We recently spoke to member and regular Nature Table contributor Andrew Holloway about his wildlife photography  

He sent us a series of 12 photographs representing each month of that most peculiar of years, 2020, when wildlife was a lifesaver to many of us:

January - a lapwing at Pulborough Brooks

Web 202001   Lapwing   Pulborough Brooks   P1294036

February - the frogs turned up on the first of the month, which was three weeks earlier than the year before.

Web 202002   First frog   garden   P1294079

March - lockdown starts. The garden really comes into its own. A pigeon on the birdfeeder.

Web 202003   Pigeon on feeder   Garden   P1294718

April - the tadpoles are growing fast. A close-up shot really brings out the patterns.

Web 202004   Frog tadpole   Garden   P1305827

May - for the first time we have had starlings visiting the feeders as we now put out fat-balls as well as sunflower seeds. Only the starlings and long-tailed tits seem to exclusively feed on the fat-balls.

Web 202005   Starling feeding fledgling   Garden   O1010217

June - the first lockdown ends. A Long-legged fly seen on Chailey Common. 

Web 202006   Long legged Fly   Chailey Common   O1014249

July - a female Common Blue butterfly with uncommon colouration.

Web 202007   Female Common Blue   Woods Mill   O1012790

August - Wall Brown butterfly taken at Firle Beacon.

Wall Brown taken on Firle Beacon

September - a Hummingbird Hawk-moth in the garden. First one I've ever seen, let alone photographed.

Web 202009   Hummingbird Hawk Moth   Garden   O1018496

October - a common lizard at Old Lodge. First time I've managed anything other than a simple shot.

Web 202010   Common Lizard   Old Lodge   O1016757

November - Rye Harbour. First good shot of a Turnstone

Web 202011   Turnstone   Rye Harbour   O1012159

December - first split-gill fungus at Leonardslee Gardens

Web 202012   Split gill fungus   Leonardslee gardens   O1013935

For more of his photos, see here Andrew Holloway’s albums | Flickr)

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  • Jim Yule:

    brilliant images enjoyed seeing them

    22 Jan 2021 11:21:00