Ancient Woodland Appeal

Our ancient woodlands are irreplaceable. Many of them date back to the end of the last Ice Age; but today they cover less than 2% of the UK.
We urgently need to raise £50,000 to secure the future of over 24 hectares of ancient woodland to the north and west of our woodland reserve at Ebernoe Common, near Petworth in West Sussex.
As the sale is currently in negotiation we can’t reveal the name of the woodland at this stage, but we’ll keep you updated on how things are progressing. We have now raised the majority of the funds required for the purchase, but  we now must also secure vital funding for the ongoing management costs to make this purchase possible.
Next year is the 60th anniversary of Sussex Wildlife Trust, and the purchase of this woodland would be a wonderful way to celebrate. It would also mean that Sussex Wildlife Trust will have direct control over the management of a large area of ancient woodland, ancient wood-pasture and rewilded arable land, creating a woodland ‘super-reserve’.
The new woodland will need careful management to enhance its biodiversity in the coming years, and we will be monitoring it with regular ecological surveys. Securing funding for the ongoing management costs is also a crucial part of making this purchase possible.
*Should the funds raised exceed our target Sussex Wildlife Trust will use the proceeds of the appeal for the acquisition and/or maintenance of woodland reserves throughout the county