Collection Box co-ordinator

Needed throughout Sussex but in your local area

Overview of the role:
Coordinators place our iconic branded boxes as part of their daily life. They develop relationships with their local shops, businesses and other venues, to tell them about Sussex Wildlife Trust and ask them to host one of our boxes.

Type of tasks you will be involved with:
• Identify potential sites for Sussex Wildlife Trust collection boxes and negotiate placement.
• Distribute, collect, monitor and replace collection boxes in local shops, businesses and other outlets on a regular bases and return collected boxes to Sussex Wildlife Trust offices at Woods Mill near Henfield.
• Maintain on-going relationship with outlets by thanking supporters and promoting the work of Sussex Wildlife Trust.
• Follow administrative procedures in coordinating the collection tins, checking them in and out of Trust offices.
• Supply publicity information and posters for display at sites as appropriate
• Spotting the potential for further fundraising amongst box holders for community fundraising

Experience/Skills Required:
Enjoy engaging with the public and businesses. Able to keep accurate records where the boxes have been placed and when.

Days/Times we would like you to be available:
The role can fit in with your daily life and the area where you live and/or work

Benefits to volunteer & possible training opportunities:
• In-house training given for the handling and distributing collection boxes as well as how to record where the boxes are kept and how the income generated can contribute towards our work
• Be part of a team
• Out of pocket expenses paid when agreed in advance

For further information, contact with Collection box volunteer in the subject or call 01273 497500