Feed the birds

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Did you know that when you buy bird food from Vine House Farm Bird Foods for the first time, £10 is donated to Sussex Wildlife Trust, and 4% of all future sales on an ongoing basis?

Every time anyone living in Sussex, regardless whether they are a member of the Trust or not, buys their bird seed and accessories from Vine House Farm Bird Foods it triggers a donation to the Sussex Wildlife Trust.

The Wildlife Trusts have been in partnership with conservation award-winning Vine House Farm Bird Foods since 2007. They farm in a way that encourages wildlife by offering a wide range of habitats, while growing, packing and dispatching bird seed direct from their Lincolnshire farm, ensuring that their family-run business always operates in an environmentally-friendly way.

During their long term commitment to supporting The Wildlife Trusts’ work, in protecting and restoring areas for nature and inspiring people to experience wildlife first-hand, Vine House Farm Bird Foods has donated in excess of £2,000,000 to The Wildlife Trusts, with over £14,000 going to Sussex Wildlife Trust in the last year.

To find out more about Vine House Farm Bird Foods and to buy food direct from their conservation award-winning farm, click here to visit Vine House Farm Bird Foods’ website or phone 01775 630208.

Feeding the birds

To find out everything you need to know about feeding garden birds, take a look at this fabulous video from Vine House Farm Bird Foods.

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    [title] => How to Attract Birds to Your Garden-Tutorial
    [description] => All of the feeders and feed mixes featured in this video can be found on https://www.vinehousefarm.co.uk/.

Have you ever wanted to know how to attract birds to your garden? Our experts at Vinehouse Farm have put together this video to show you what types of bird to expect in your garden and how you can feed them. 

This video acts as a bird feeding tutorial, teaching you how to find out what types of food birds eat by just looking at their bills, as well as giving you tips on how to attract birds to your garden throughout the year. With beautiful videos of birds singing, eating, and flying, you can enjoy the natural sights of the common and less common birds that you will be able to find in your garden.

If you have ever wondered why husk free bird feed mix is better to use than others you may find in shops, you can have all of your questions answered in this video. Whether you are a newcomer or an expert, these top tips give an illustrated guide to how to attract birds to your garden. 

In this video, we cover:
- The positioning of feeders to ensure that all species can get food
- Type of feed
- The safety of birds in your garden
- The maintenance and hygiene of feeders
- The best feeders for keeping out unwanted animals such as squirrels. 

Feel free to post your comments and questions below regarding feeding birds in your garden and the feeders that you can use. You can subscribe to our channel to find out more information regarding the wildlife in your garden by clicking here https://goo.gl/wiBZTD
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