What are the principles of a great Nature Street?

Gardens often have multiple uses from somewhere to relax, hang washing and have BBQs, to a football pitch or adventure playground for your children. Your garden is a personal place to express your own individual style and tastes, and gardening for wildlife doesn't need to compromise this.

Every garden will have some wildlife in it. These twelve Nature Street Principles are designed to make the most of this and help you make space for wildlife in the way you want. They can be applied to any outdoor space, no matter the size, location or other uses. Please have a look through and think about what you can do to help conserve the wildlife of Sussex:

Twelve principles of Nature Street

  1. Don't try to do everything, everywhere, all of the time
  2. Get connected
  3. Embrace where you live in the world
  4. Living on the edge
  5. The long and short of it
  6. Think long term and support lifecycles
  7. All day and all night
  8. Think outside the box
  9. Go for natural homes and resources
  10. Management with wildlife in mind
  11. Reuse, recycle and be a responsible shopper
  12. Notice what you see

Alternatively, you can download a pdf of the twelve principles below:

Posted in: Nature Street on 13 July 2015

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