Keeping your bird feeders clean

bird feeders

Diseases that affect garden birds are spread when feeding sites are contaminated with the droppings or saliva of infected birds. The risk increases when many birds feed at the same places day after day for long periods. To minimise the risks of disease:

  • Use several feeding sites around the garden to reduce bird numbers at any one place
  • Rotate between feeding sites, so not all are in constant use
  • Only fill up feeders with as much food as the birds take. Don't leave food hanging around in feeders for days to go mouldy
  • Clear up any food that is left under feeders at the end of the day
  • Clean feeders/feeding sites regularly using warm soapy water or 5% disinfectant, especially in the months between January and May. Make sure to rinse any disinfectant off thoroughly and always allow feeders to air-dry completely before adding food
  • Maintain careful personal hygiene. Brushes and equipment used to clean feeders, tables and baths shouldn’t be used for other purposes. Rubber gloves should be worn and hands washed afterwards

Posted in: Birds on 01 June 2015

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