Tell us what you see

Everyone enjoys seeing wildlife, but how much notice do you really take of what you see?

Whether it is the seasonal changes of the flowers on the roadside on your way to work, or the ladybird you spot crawling up the window as you are doing your washing up. Often we don't really notice what we see and we especially don't tell other people about it.

It is vital for conservation that we hear about your local wildlife. We need this information to inform future land management in Sussex. Without it, we simply wouldn't know what wildlife there is and what is so special about each place.

Records are entered into the database held by the Sussex Biodiversity Record Centre which is based here at the Sussex Wildlife Trust. They collect all the information together and use it to keep track of how wildlife is faring in Sussex. This information can be shared with everyone, from amateur naturalists and conservation managers, to council planning officers and government departments. We want all decisions affecting Sussex to be based on the best evidence about wildlife possible.

If you’re out and about in the countryside or just pottering around in your garden please let us know what wildlife you’ve seen using our...

Tell us what you've seen