Sussex Kelp Films

Sussex Kelp Restoration Project: Citizen Science Part One

Broadcast 26 July 2021

Join Sarah Ward (Living Seas Officer, Sussex Wildlife Trust) and Dr Ian Hendy (Marine Biology Course Leader, University of Portsmouth) for the first instalment of our two-part webinar series on getting involved with recording kelp in Sussex as a citizen scientist.

eDNA Seasearch Survey

Using cutting edge science and technology the Sussex Kelp Restoration Project research is collecting environmental DNA for analysis to create a biodiversity baseline, assisted by the Seasearch divers.

Green Light for the Restoration of Sussex Kelp Forests

Short film on the announcement of The Near Shore Trawling Byelaw, meaning that it is now law, and trawling with bottom-towed fishing gear is illegal within the specified area around the coast of West Sussex.

This is a landmark decision for the health of the Sussex coast and the Sussex Kelp Restoration Partnership are incredibly excited that the byelaw is finally in place!

Help Our Kelp campaign film

Sir David Attenborough backed our pioneering campaign to restore a vast underwater kelp forest off the Sussex coast. Historically, Kelp was abundant along the West Sussex coastline, but this important habitat has diminished over time. Film by Big Wave TV