School Visits Code of Practice

Our aim is to give all children a positive experience during their school visit. It is important that every child should be valued and encouraged to contribute to the best of their ability. Where possible all children will be given opportunities to be included and participate fully in all activities. We aim to create an environment in which everybody is respected and feels safe and secure.

In order to achieve this we aim to:

  • Provide access for all
    When planning and delivering activities thought will be given to enabling children with a range of mental and physical abilities to participate.
  • Encourage mutual respect
    By our friendly approach and group ethos we hope to create an atmosphere in which everybody is respected. Value every child While encouraging the individual to do their best, our aim is to engender a spirit of co-operation rather than competition.
  • Provide a safe and secure environment
    All staff and volunteers are CRB checked. At no time will a single child be alone with a Sussex Wildlife Trust adult.

    We ensure all employed staff working with children are trained in First Aid; the school, however, is ultimately responsible for their own First Aid. Any incident or accident will be recorded in the notes on the planning sheet and in the Accident Book.

    Risk assessments for individual activities are available on the Trust website or on request.

    The Trust has £10 million Public Liability cover.

  • Provide trained staff
    All employed staff running our centres will have appropriate qualifications. All activities are risk assessed annually in accordance with our Health & Safety Policy. Leaders are suitably qualified to work with a class; volunteers are trained to work with groups of up to 15 children. The Education team have a regular professional training programme.