Clothing and equipment


Children should be dressed for the outdoors in suitable clothing for wet or hot weather. Footwear should be comfortable and appropriate for long distance walking. Waterproofs are essential even in the Summer. Please ensure children use sun screen and wear sun hats during hot weather. Many activities will be away from shelter and therefore they need to be prepared.

Please would all children wear a name badge to enable Trust staff to identify them. This can be a sticky label.

Children need to bring packed lunches. For river, coastal and programmes on the park children will need to carry their lunches in LIGHTWEIGHT RUCKSACKS which they can carry themselves. Please, no plastic carrier bags. Any rubbish must be taken home as there are no rubbish bins on the park.

Please ensure children bring sufficient liquid to drink, preferably water. Drinks should be in resealable screw top bottles not cans or cartons. Fizzy drinks and yoghurts are not advisable.

Coach companies welcome clean footwear to change into for the return journey.


KS2 pupils are required to bring a pencil.

All equipment will be provided free of charge but, if broken or damaged during the visit by a school, they will be required to contribute towards the cost of replacing the broken item.