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From April to June listen to the fantastic song of the nightingale. This bird has migrated from Africa to find a mate and raise its young. A secretive bird, it has the ability to throw its song into a bush nowhere near where it actually is, catching many bird watchers out. This species is in serious decline and at Woods Mill nature reserve we manage the hedgerows and blocks of scrub to benefit this melodious bird.

With so many waterbodies and streams found at Woods Mill it is a great place to look for dragonflies and damselflies. Dragonflies such as the broad-bodied chaser can be seen clash­ing over the lake fighting for supremacy while the beautiful demoiselle gently floats through the dappled shade of Hoe Wood. The beautiful demoiselle will occasionally sit on a leaf waiting for unsuspecting prey.

Barn owls, great spotted woodpecker and kingfisher are some of the more colourful and easy to identify birds that live here.

little grebe / David Plummer

little grebe / David Plummer

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