What you might see

Badlands Meadow is a great spot for botany with zigzag clover, common spotted-orchid, Dyer’s greenweed, common agrimony, devil’s-bit scabious, yellow-rattle and betony. Look out for the scarce light orange underwing moth flying around the tops of the aspens in the hedgerows.

Butterflies such as silver-washed fritillary, purple hairstreak, purple emperor and white admiral are ones to look out for. Early summer fungi include chicken of the woods, dryad’s saddle, tooth fungus, and horn of plenty. But when autumn arrives, a wealth of fungi with incredible names such as magpie inkcaps, hedgehog fungi, jellybabies, sulphur knights, white saddles and powdery piggybacks appear.

Try to find ancient woodland indicator species such as yellow archangel, violet helleborine and opposite-leaved golden-saxifrage among the fallen trees and holly. And can you recognise the ancient woodland trees such as wild service, midland hawthorn and spindle.

magpie inkcap / Graeme Lyons