What you might see

https://my.viewranger.com/rout...Grazing by cattle is a key part of the management and at certain times of the year you will see British whites in this area, a breed well suited to conservation grazing.

Many of the beautiful flowers associated with chalk grassland such as common centaury, squinancywort, clustered bellflower, lady’s bedstraw and kidney vetch are present from May to August, as are butterflies such as the chalkhill blue, silver-spotted skipper and dingy skipper. The song of stonechat, skylark and whitethroat fills the air in spring and summer.

In the nesting season you can see (and hear) the colony of kittiwakes and along the cliffs see fulmars and peregrine falcon.

Green-winged orchids can be found within the golf course by the fairways in May.

raven / Tom SB Lee

raven / Tom Lee

News from Seaford Head

    • Seaford Head is buzzing

      Seaford Head is buzzing

      The bees are loving the ground ivy that is thriving on the paths and rides around Hope Bottom.

    • Transatlantic mini-boat at Seaford Head

      Transatlantic mini-boat at Seaford Head

      Schoolchildren in Seaford were thrilled to hear Sussex Wildlife Trust’s Nikki Hills talk about the miniature boat that washed up at Seaford Head, having been launched 3,000 miles away in Maine, USA by schoolchildren, in order to track coastal currents and discover more about how communities evolve.

    • App explorers

      App explorers

      A number of routes around Sussex Wildlife Trust nature reserves are now available on the ViewRanger app

    • Be tick aware

      Be tick aware

      Now summer is here it is a good time to brush up on your knowledge of ticks, where they live and what sensible precautions you can take.

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