Livestock are used to graze this reserve. Please look for notices with further information at entrances to the reserve/grazing areas.

Conservation grazing will help control the coarser grasses and scrub and contribute to restoring this area of chalk grassland. The cattle are checked daily and have access to water.

Please report any problems to the Grazier on 07884 496807 or 07824151934.

Please keep dogs under close control and ensure that all gates are closed

News from Seaford Head

    • Moon Carrot at Seaford Head

      Moon Carrot at Seaford Head

      Members of Seaford Natural History Society carried out the annual Moon Carrot survey at Seaford Head last week. Controlling scrub on this slope seems to be having a positive effect.

    • Be tick aware

      Be tick aware

      Now summer is here it is a good time to brush up on your knowledge of ticks, where they live and what sensible precautions you can take.

    • Thank You, Seaford

      Thank You, Seaford

      Over the last two years our Seaford Community Wildlife Project has worked with schools, young people, community groups and volunteers to explore Seaford Head Nature Reserve and the local area and the amazing wildlife.

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