Rye Harbour nature reserve map

On the map below the network of footpaths around the area is shown. The blue numbers relate to suggested circular walks - see bottom of this page. This will enable you to explore the two parts of the Nature Reserve without getting lost. Print off a larger version to take with you, from the link under the map.

Click here for an interactive aerial photo and map

Rye Harbour Nature Reserve lareg map
Map Numbers

On the map there are numbers 1-15. These correspond to white numbers you will find on posts or stone blocks or waste bins at those locations - just to confirm where you are on the reserve!

Rye Harbour car park -1 - 4 - car park is the short circular route of 3.3 km or 2 miles which passes three birdwatching hides and is wheelchair and pushchair friendly with frequent benches along the way to rest..

Rye Harbour car park -1 - 2 - 5 - 7 - car park is the medium circular route of 6.9 km or 4.3 miles, including a look at the Mary Stanford Lifeboat House, from 7 return along the shingle track through Rye Harbour farm.

Rye Harbour car park -1 - 2 - 5 -15 - car park is the long circular route of 9.7 km or 6.0 miles including a walk to Camber Castle, the birdwatching hide nearby and the viewpoint

Rye Harbour car park - 1 - 2 - 6 - Winchelsea Beach car park is all tarmac private road of 4.8 km or 3.0 miles (each way) with toilets at each end.

Map of Rye Town

The nature reserve is down the road called Harbour Road. There is an information board with a map where that road goes over the river Brede.

Map of Rye town Map 810x525

Download a larger version of this map.

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