What you might see

The spring flowers are at their best in the woodland areas. As well as bluebell and wood anemones, look out for early purple orchid, opposite-leaved golden-saxifrage and yellow archangel. There are also a few patches of violet helleborine in some of the deeper shade of the woodland.

The meadows are fantastic in the summer. Common spotted-orchids can be abundant alongside common knapweed as well as common fleabane and meadow buttercup. Yellow-rattle, a plant that parasites the roots of grasses is also present in large quantities. The wet areas in the meadows are full of ragged robin, lesser spearwort, marsh bedstraw and water mint.

Butterflies are amazing at Marline. Look out for meadow browns, common blues, commas and maybe a grizzled skipper in the meadows or purple hairstreak on the edge of the woodland.

wasp spider / Victoria Hume

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