What you might see

In spring the woodland is full of the purple haze of bluebells coming into flower. Now is a good time to spot an early brimstone butterfly as there is an abundance of its foodplant, alder buckthorn. Birds are active, listen out for the drumming of the great spotted woodpecker or the deep croak of the raven – they can often be seen on top of the electricity pylons! As the weather warms up, look out for red wood ants emerging from their nests on the edges of paths and rides. You might spot a scarce 7-spot ladybird nearby as they live only near the ants nests and this ladybird is not found anywhere else in Sussex.

In summer the pond is wonderful for dragonfly spotting so look out for emperor or common darter. This is favourite place for the white admiral butterfly too. The open paths and rides are warm and sunny attracting a range of insects. Look out for butterflies, mining bees and green tiger beetles.

tiger beetle / Graeme Lyons

tiger beetle / Graeme Lyons

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