What you might see

There is a limited flora in Cooksbridge meadow although it does look quite incredible wrapped in a swathe of bright yellow creeping and meadow buttercups in the spring. The narrow strip of woodland adjacent to the north-east of the meadow does however have a classic ancient woodland mix of species including bluebell, moschatel, pignut, sanicle, common spotted orchid, yellow archangel, dog’s mercury and wood anemone – all of these are best seen in the spring. This is also a good place to find the attractive and delicate flower of pink purslane.

In the summer months you will find plenty of grasshoppers and bush crickets including dark bush-cricket, speckled bush-cricket and Roesel’s bush-cricket.

There are a number of interesting bird species that can be seen all year round including song thrush, kingfisher, tree­creeper, firecrest and goldcrest.

Stitchwort / Derek Middleton