What you might see

Enjoy the bluebells in the spring.

In spring and summer spend some time watching the lake: look out for the hobby hunting dragonflies, the great crested grebe and its chicks – if you are lucky early in the season, you may be able to watch them displaying to their mate, endowing her with gifts of pond weed (who could resist!).

Enjoy the plethora of dragonflies all around the reserve, but Black Hole is probably best. Watch for common lizards basking on the boardwalk. And wander round to Welch’s Common later on in a warm day and listen out for the chirping song of the field crickets, the sound of Mediterranean holidays!

Winter tends to be quieter but there are always plenty of ducks and coots on Burton Pond and sometimes bitterns will winter in the reeds around the edge.

golden-ringed dragonfly / Alan Price

golden-ringed dragonfly / Alan Price

News from Burton and Chingford Ponds

    • The Burton Mistletoe Crisis

      The Burton Mistletoe Crisis

      Mistletoe has never been recorded on a Sussex Wildlife Trust reserve, but at Burton Pond it is tantalisingly close. However when you are looking for mistletoe you never know what else might turn up…

    • Successful Veolia Grant at Burton & Chingford Ponds Local Nature Reserve

      Successful Veolia Grant at Burton & Chingford Ponds Local Nature Reserve

      The Sussex Wildlife Trust has been really fortunate in gaining a grant for carrying out access and wildlife improvements to our land which is part of Burton and Chingford Ponds Local Nature Reserve. The grant is being provided by Veolia Environment Trust as part of the Landfill Communities Fund.

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