Habitat Restoration Work 2019

Habitat restoration work will take place at Burton & Chingford Ponds Local Nature Reserve from mid-October until late-December.

At the Black Hole bog a digger will be used to pull out the invading vegetation to re-create some open water areas. This will allow the beautiful bog bean and dragonflies to flourish. The vegetation will initially be put to one side to allow any pondlife to crawl back into the bog before being moved across the road and burnt.

The digger will also be used to create small bare patches on Welch’s Common which is important for a range of sand-loving insects including the rare Field Cricket which sings beautifully on warm spring days.

Also on Welch’s Common and New Piece, in some areas where the bracken is taking over, some scrub and trees will be felled and the deep leaf litter layer removed to re-establish a more open heathy wood pasture similar to where this has been carried out nearby. Short term these areas may look quite bleak, but very quickly the heather and grasses move back in along with other heathland wildlife.

The work is being grant funded by the Sussex Ornithological Society and Countryside Stewardship For more information contact Jane Willmott, Reserves manager at [email protected]

New Piece CS work

Welch's Common CS work 2019

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