Rye Harbour

Discover our wildlife in a mosaic of coastal habitats - shingle, saltmarsh, saline lagoons, coastal grazing marsh, freshwater gravel pits and reedbeds. Explore its changing coastline and military history, or simply enjoy a walk beside the sea.

COVID-19 Restrictions

Please stay local to where you live and enjoy your local wildlife, do not travel to our nature reserve. 

Following Government guidelines, the Information Cabin and birdwatching hides are closed. Please observe government guidelines and any local signage at all times.

More information on Sussex Wildlife Trust’s response to the Coronavirus can be found here

Rye Harbour Discovery Centre

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News from Rye Harbour

    • ​Wheatear at Rye Harbour

      ​Wheatear at Rye Harbour

      With spring just around the corner, one of the birds that will be arriving on the reserve in early March is the Wheatear.

    • Embracing Winter

      Embracing Winter

      Tilly Hopkins learns to embrace winter at Rye Harbour Nature Reserve

    • Curlew at Rye Harbour

      Curlew at Rye Harbour

      The sound of the Curlew is distinctive and reminds me of remote parts of Britain….

    • Courting Danger

      Courting Danger

      Most, if not all spiders employ some form of courtship when wooing a prospective partner.

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