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28 January 2012 | Posted in Amanda Reeves , Birds

Author Amanda Solomon

long-tailed tits / Alan Price

My mother-in-law (well ex – but we’re still great friends) has discovered the joys of bird watching at the grand old age of 95 years old.

She was always a keen walker – although not a wildlife watcher – but recent health issues have now confined her to spending her days in a chair in her living room. Of lively mind and disposition, she is an exhaustive reader of crime novels and enjoys television and jigsaw puzzles containing many thousands of pieces. However, there are times when even these lifelong passions become rather jaded.

So, her family have removed her net curtain, moved her chair closer to the window and installed a bird feeder on the tiny piece of grass outside her flat.

And the birds have started to visit.

A new hobby that makes her day pass a little more quickly and sparks conversation with visitors.

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