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Will you be catching the Garden Bioblitz bug on the 1-2 June?

A guest blog by Jane Adams Garden Bioblitzer & part of the Garden Bioblitz Team

hedgehog / David Plummer hedgehog / David Plummer

Its an amazing experience, your first Garden Bioblitz. You think you know what wildlife is in your garden - at least I stupidly did - then you slowly realise you havent a clue what all the species are youve photographed.

Dont be scared off by the strange name. Its all really simple, and you dont have to be a wildlife expert to take part. To Garden Bioblitz all you need to do is photograph as many species of wild plant and animal in your garden (or window box) over a 24 hour period. I usually crawl over the grass, rummage under logs, and dip a net into our tiny pond but there are no hard and fast rules anything goes. Its your garden, and your Bioblitz! If you only have half and hour to spare, thats fine! If you have 5 hours over the 24 hour period, thats fine too.

With the first bit completed, you then need to identify what you have photographed. Over the next couple of days and with tons of help from other wildlife enthusiasts and experts on (a great website where you can share wildlife photos and people help to identify what youve found), you can start to identify your photographs before finally recording them online on a national database of biological records run by the National Biodiversity Network, called iRecord.

I cant wait to do it again this year along with hundreds of other Blitzers across the UK during the national Garden Bioblitz weekend on 1-2 June. Anyone can take part, so please join in. Its free, and it doesnt matter if you are a wildlife expert or a beginner (like me) its not only fun it also adds to the national information on wildlife in our gardens, helping to give organisations like the Wildlife Trusts the data they need to make landscape wide conservation decisions.

One word of warning though, if you do take part I guarantee you will catch the Bioblitzing-bug!

Event Details:

Garden Bioblitz

Date: 1-2 June 2013

Time: 24 hours (on and off!)

Location: Your Garden (or local patch/park/allotment)

Find out more:

Twitter: @GardenBioblitz

Email: [email protected]

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