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WildLove is all around

To celebrate The Wildlife Trust's Valentine's Day #WildLove campaign on twitter, Sussex Wildlife Trust staff share their thoughts on some inspiring wildlife.

nightjar / Neil Fletcher
Nightjars are the species that taught me that wildlife is well worth the wait. An eerie churring song echoing across the heath and the white flash of a male nightjar silently gliding past. It's supernatural and spectacular.

Jess - Conservation Officer

water rail / Oliver Wilks
Water Rail: I never see you. You never call. When you do it sounds like a pig being slaughtered. I love you anyway.

Michael, Community Wildlife Officer

hedgehog / Alan Price
Hedgehog: Heard before seen, this prickly customer was no Mrs Tiggy-Winkle, suddenly I was face to face with a boar - what a magnificent hog!

Richard, Digital Media Officer

wood lark / Hugh Clark
Wood Lark: Early Spring songster, sounding the promise of hot, dry Summer days so loved by reptiles, dragonflies, tiger Beetles, and me.

Tom, Forest Schools Co-ordinator

Platystomos albinus / Graeme Lyons

Platystomos albinus: Bird-dropping mimicry is a great way to remain uneaten.

Graeme, Ecologist

buzzard / Alan Price
Common Buzzard inspires me because their mewing evokes wild, untamed places, even here in Sussex.

Ronnie, Schools Officer

curlew / Alan Price
Curlew: Listening to the haunting sound of curlews calling out on the saltmarsh, or watching the early morning mist rise off a river valley brings a sense of stillness and beauty I can't describe.

Fran, Wetlands Officer

nightingale / S. Yeliseev
Nightingale: Evocative, inspirational, magical, mystical, culturally important, just brilliant . . . sadly declining.

Mike, Adult Events & Courses Manager

long tailed tits / Dave Kilbey
Long-tailed tit: stunning to look at and fantastic social and community spirit.

Amanda, Press Officer

So what wildlife or wild places inspire you? We'd love to know! Please share your WildLoves below.

Don't forget to listen to our WildLove Songs playlist on youtube. Wildlife-related songs suggested by The Sussex Wildlife Trust's facebook and twitter friends.

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